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Join Legends FC and be part of a unique experience of development and competition!

Discover the path to your best version on the field.

Why Us?

We are a club that pays close attention to player development from the earliest ages. Our approach is professional, as our coaching leaders have played at the highest sporting levels. For us, soccer is not just entertainment; it's about providing our players with resources and sporting skills. We aim to maximize the potential of each player, regardless of their current level. We have recreational-level teams where we prioritize fun and enjoyment for our players. However, we are best known for our development of high-performance players.


Led by former professional players, our head coaches understand the skills and techniques necessary for success at the professional or college level.

Our top-tier teams are constantly active, competing in local, regional, and national leagues, as well as domestic and international tournaments. We participate in international tournaments at least once a year, and our teams have the opportunity to play and train with the top Pro Academies in Monterrey, Mexico. We ensure our top players have the chance to play a minimum of 40 games per year, exposing them to diverse playing styles. Unlike some clubs, we avoid playing the same clubs repeatedly, ensuring our teams face new challenges regularly.

Our Premier and Elite Teams compete at the state and local levels, with all results recorded. There are no 50% playtime rules, allowing our players to earn their minutes based on performance and dedication.

With our own fields, players can form small groups for additional training sessions.

We take pride in being the only club in Austin and San Antonio that invests in top-of-the-line technology for our players. Through our E64 program, we offer them exclusive access to premier products and services provided by our partners.

Join us and be part of an unparalleled soccer experience!

At Legends FC, we don't just love soccer, we live and breathe it. If soccer is your passion, then Legends FC is the place for you.

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