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 Our Select Program is an instructional and fun soccer program for recreational and mid- level players in age groups U11 - U19.

We have two (2) main seasons throughout the year; Fall and Spring.

We train twice / week.


Our select teams participate in the local CHAMPIONS League.

Division 2 is a competitive league for teams (11u-19u) that play full sided games (9v9 & 11v11).  This playing model includes home/away games and local travel. All teams that play in this league will need to be properly registered into the Association Event for Roster/Cards and the AACL league.  

Teams playing in the AACL league can be invited based on the number of allocations allotted by state office and where the team finished for the fall season to the Western District Fall Champions in December 2023.  Teams are only invited in the order for which the standings reflect. 


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